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Day of OMG First Newscast~! [20 Apr 2013|02:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So ya kinda official now of me casting video games with my friends Danny and Das/Skinner. This is my first newscast with them and kinda derpy, my normal casting will happen later in the week and you guys can check it out if you want. ^ ^

If ya can please do the whole like, comment, majig. <3 Thanks.


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Eeeeep~! [18 Apr 2013|11:09pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

Nervous... today I recorded for the Newscast with Danny and Das, pretty shy about doing the whole game casting things. I hope it turns out well. XD; Hopefully not too many times I'll be showing my face on cam and having it recorded. I'll be linking it around my FB, Twitter, Flickr, and what not once it's up. Should be on Saturday if things go well? Also my first game casting which is short will be going up on Monday too. @////@

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Do I regret it? [13 Apr 2013|10:47pm]
[ mood | touched ]

So kinda recently my friend Danny mentioned that he didn't regret experiences he went through. At first I thought 'WOW I GOT SOME THINGS I SURE REGRET AND I ENVY YOU". But now my friend Cara mentioned my SL inventory being a zoo of endangered creatures. So.. I dunno why the two things somehow came and linked together in my head. I have some really precious items and memories in there. While the items may be crappy or I'm not friends (and regret or not) with some of the people. I'm still really happy I met them and had things happen with them. It's making me a bit teary but I just wanted to write it down and remember it while it was still fresh in my mind. ;3;

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Ugh.. love... [12 Apr 2013|03:03pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Ugh.. sometimes love can be a real pain in a butt. >/////< At a weird crossroads where I feel it but don't wanna. Sometimes I envy my friend Cara who can just pull away from that sort of feeling cause... sometimes love is just dang awkward.

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Whee~ [10 Apr 2013|11:20am]
[ mood | busy ]

Been gaming a lot lately.. lesse.. FFXI, PSO, Vindictus, SL, League of Legends for MMO type things. Also playing Disgaea Infinite? I think... um a dating game Be My Princess... RE5 on and off with Danny. Buu buu. Just a lot of things here and there. It's kinda getting overwhelming but I'm practicing more for when I start to cast. First thing I'm going to cast is Grey Matter which isn't an exciting game but I wanna give it a go.

Also taken up roleplaying in SL, which I never thought I'd get back into RP again but it's been fun. ^ ^

Not too much else going on. Trying to get in a habit of writing again tho.

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Ha..? [05 Apr 2013|11:30am]
[ mood | confused ]

So I've been peeking back here and there on LJ. XD; Was wondering some of the old music I used to listen to and what not.

Part of me keeps meaning to start this up again cause it's kinda nice to look back and reflect on things that have happened or you've felt (not that anyones reading this lol) but ya.. o-o;

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FFXIV! [23 Sep 2010|12:53pm]
[ mood | content ]

I doubt any of my friends are playing it but if you are I'm Saronia sever, Serenity Semple. XDDD

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Note of Just Wanna Remember This [30 Aug 2010|12:02am]
[ mood | amused ]

Was reading through one of the blogs I normally read http://razorblade-cookies.blogspot.com/ which mostly covers SL and some others stuffs. I just wanted to copy and paste a comment between me and Emi here to remember how fucked up things are. XDDDD

Serenity said...
Overall I can't express how disgusted I am at (the US at least) the legal system. Seriously adults should have protection from these children just having free range to just sign up for these things, screw up, and get others in trouble. XD Pfft even if they do get caught by the parents, they can't spank them, just sue the other party because their kid screwed up. Ah what a messed up world we have.

Emilly Orr said...
And partially, it's the culture we've asked for, is the problem.

Every time some mother with a mission campaigns for a governmentally-enforced law to protect children, that's one step backwards for parental responsibility. Our government says you can't have it both ways--either we are responsible for raising our children, or the government is--and overwhelmingly, families seem to be saying You take care of them.

In fact, in the state I live in, that's actually become law--if you give birth to, or father, a child, and you just can't hack it as a parent, you can turn that child in to the nearest hospital or police station and give up responsibility for raising that child in the first six months of that child's life. I think of it as the parental version of the 'Get Out of Jail' free card.

I'm not going to say that's a good law, but even online, if we are in a space where we have adult expectations, things can go haywire. Remember, the two original ageplaying avatars were both well over their thirties. There were no actual children involved, ever, yet Germany threw so many cogs, all at once, that that moment of insanity still shadows the SL childrens' community to this day.

What I'm wondering is how bad it's going to get with actual kids in the mix. (And I really don't care about the whole kid/young adult split: I've met a LOT of under-eighteens who are bright and smart and together; I've met relatively few I'd trust hanging out with latex shopping, say. And even if I trusted that particular under-eighteen--and it's a BIG IF--I still wouldn't trust the parents of that kid to understand what was going on.)

Me, though I know there's going to be serious problems with this new policy, I still put it on the parents--trust the internet to watch your kids for you, that's what you get.

And then I remember why I hate most people and the government. XD

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Note - Furfright!? [17 Aug 2010|05:56pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I think I may go to furfright this year!!! They moved to Cromwell and the new hotel looks lovely!!! Feedback from some of my furry friends or those who may be going? <3

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Day of Melted Kitty [17 Aug 2010|05:49pm]
[ mood | hot ]

So I haven't written as much as I want but not much has been going on. x_x Um...finally watched Legion and Daybreakers and thought they were pretty good overall. Been workin a lot lately, and trying to clean up the house and stuffs. I went to the Mystic Art Festival last weekend, where I saw Sym for a min. @ @; Tried to text him but no reply, I think I might have his old number or something. I dunno, I can understand a bit if my old friends wouldn't wanna talk to me cause I've been outta touch myself.

Been thinking way too much about relationship stuff and realize how difficult it can be sometimes to see a solid line between best friends and boyfriend/girlfriend especially when you live together. I'm thinkin about gettin a couple comissions done kinda to remind myself, I'm still me. XD Meh, nuffin much else to say I guess. Hope everyone out there is still doing well. ^^

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Day of Does Want Japan [24 Jul 2010|01:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Wahhh saw this one one of the japanese blogs and thought I'd love to run into a giant squid suit in my fursuit. <3


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Day of Hate [06 Jul 2010|01:42pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Do you ever have those days where things pop up? Like you see someone you haven't for a long time or an ex randomly decides to call you? Ya...well that happened to me today. Pardus called me out of the blue and I was struck back since our last convo was pretty much 'I've moved on, I want nothing to do with you.'. I feel so fucking stupid to believe we could've been friends past that. I know it never works but I held on, I thought yanno we were together almost 5 years maybe that means something - maybe we have a tighter bond than just everyone else. I was so wrong...

Honestly I just really needed to type this out cause my heart aches so bad hearing his voice again and I can't stop crying. I know when we were trying to be friends it was a fragile time but I tried to toughen up and seem strong during it and try and get to be his friend best I could even though he pushed me away. I eventually snapped and we just stopped talking...it still hurts even though that fight happened back in Feb. I don't think apologizing was the thing to do even though it was my fault...

It was ment to happen, now he's happy with his new girlfriend (will probably marry her in tradition of the past exs I have - most are married now). He's going to school which is good for him and his whole life has turned around since he got rid of me... this continous pattern which seems to keep happening is tearing me apart. I told a couple of my friends before that people's lives turn around once they get rid of me. I wish I could say it was all in my head...

But him to just call me today and just say, oh we ended on a bad note and this call is ending on a good note to say goodbye. Ya I'm glad it is for him cause it's not for me. I still wanted to be friends and talk with him. And how fucking dare he ask how my relationship is with Amasa. What? If it was bad? What then? What if I was single? Would it make ANY difference? No. I just am so tired of this.. why am I the only one who doesn't like to just forget and move on.

It's not like he's the only one, I remember most of these people who I consider amazingly important when they just drop me. I dunno, right now all I can think of is curling away and just dying. I'm just tired of the hurt goddamit..I know I won't do anything but god be witness, I don't wanna do conventions ever again, I don't wanna go out. I just wanna hide away from the world behind a computer screen...that is all. :(

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Day of Icon [30 Apr 2010|02:59am]
[ mood | happy ]

Awww I got a new icon. :> Happiness

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Night of FNUCK YOU [15 Apr 2010|11:25pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Ok I was going to flip through GameInformer from this month and head to bed but this royally pissed me off so I'm writing it here real fast.

"Big Daddy Explained

You gave Bioshock 2 and 8.25, but I strongly disagree with your major complaint. You said the game didn't make you feel as strong or awesome as a Big Daddy should be. If you'd played through the game and paid attention to the story, you'd know why that is so. The largest reason is this: Delta is an early series Big Daddy, which were less heavily armored than others. They are simply weaker. That is exacerbated by the fact you have been away from Eleanor for too long, and your body and mind are breaking down. Delta is basically a walking time bomb. In fact, within the fiction, his ability to survive 10 years away from his Little Sister is more of a stretch than the fact that he dies quickly.

Jason Osman
Bridgeport, CT

Reply from GameInformer

We understand that the story offers context for Delta's frailty, but regardless of the reason, BioShock 2's failure to fully convey the awesomeness of a Big Daddy shouldn't be so easily excused. Just because a design decision is supported by the plot doesn't mean it's a good decision to begin with. Imagine you're playing a Superman game, except Superman can't fly, isn't as strong, and is vulnerable to conventional weapons. No matter how the narrative explains why Superman is in the situation, players would be rightfully disappointed that the game doesn't remotely provide the experience they associate with being Superman. Similarly, the original BioShock built up the players' concept of what it means to be a Big Daddy, and the sequel doesn't deliver on it until the closing hours. Those complaints aside, Bioshock 2 does plenty of other things right, and is still an entertaining and memorable adventure that any fan of the original should check out."

GRRRR Big GRRRR! Oh just because the game isn't how WE thought it should be, it sucks. Screw the story! We just want what we want. Screw that. This - to me - is an embodyment of what gamers have become. Stuck up, pretencious, cry babies. I know their job is to rate games but when you get to the point of saying Halo deserves a 10 when someone from 5th grade could write the story and support it, just give up. I loved BioShock obviously and I loved the sequal because they stayed true to what they said they would. I think they bent over backwards a bit offering online multiplayer versus crap, but overall it doesn't take away from the game. I just really wanted to vent this because I am a dying breed of gamer. I can't play games just because OMFG CONTROLS ARE AWESOME AND I'M SUPAH POWERED BRAHHHH! or any of that crap. I need a good freaking story. I don't care if you bring me back to 8bit quality of gameplay and graphics, if the story is good, it's a good damn game. Honestly I think most of the time the same can be said about movies. Ok enough ranting now, just grrr. =_=

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Day of Twitter [15 Apr 2010|11:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So my japanese friend decided to try and drag me onto Twitter. XP I fell for it and now I'm using it. Today's been a busy week, if anyone wants to add me. Go for it. XD


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Day of Pink Shirt Day [13 Apr 2010|07:35pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Well I guess tomorow is pink shirt day. Which is some wear a pink shirt to be anti-bullying thing. I remember how miserable it was to get bullied all the dang time in highschool. I know doing this won't make a difference but it does make me feel a little bit better about it. =_=

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Nya [10 Apr 2010|06:19pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hnn nothing really great going on. I got a couple icon and small commishes which is making me feel better about getting commissions again (the last like...5 I ordered in September STILL AREN'T DONE and it pisses me off). So hopefully I can get better with that. I know Mongoose suggested SlickPuppy but anyone have some cool people in mind I should be on the look out for commishes? Thanks. Hope yer all doing good :D

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Update - I totally owe it huh? [05 Apr 2010|02:20pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Thanks for the comments guys, I thought I kinda was forgotten as I fell off the map sorta deal. So lesse to make this less dramatic I think I'll break it up into sections on wheres I stand in life. XD

Ok so I graduated, I think most of my friends knew that but, worth repeating! 4 years of heck ova with. XD It wasen't easy but I managed to take pics of myself in the graduation attire in fursuit (you can see it here if you'd like http://serenitysemple.blogspot.com/2009/05/graduation-day.html) haha how many can say they did that, huh? XD Other than that I completely quit Sarges after hnn...I dunno sometime around graduation or something? But then some point I offered to volunteer and it went terrible (they ALL were late when they were short staffed, I didn't have a key to get in and after 20 mins of waiting I left. Then they were all freakin rude to me like blah blah blah, long dramatic story of stupid). So after that BS they put me through the ringer with, I decided, fuck it I'm never going back in that store again. And I haven't since, I actually sent a friend to get my W2 form from there. THAT'S how serious I am. Other than that I am currently employed at my father's company as the Accountant, I do secretarily work as well, but most of my stuff is done from home (yes, I still need to get my liscense but I have been out practicing now). Other than that life ish pretty good, I have to go to some training class tomorrow for work on panel stuff but no big deal and it really doesn't apply to me too much.

Second Life/Gaming
Ya, so my addiction has not died at all. That's mostly why I don't write. I have 2 SL jobs working at 2 different japanese clothing stores and just started my own shop this month in world. I organized a gridwide hunt that I always wanted to do, and just things are really good for me there. Really happy for the most part with that game and it's such a big addiction. XD Otherwise I haven't gamed too much besides the horror aspect of gaming, gotta get the RE gold edition later on. Bioshock 2 was <3. I've completely given up on Silent Hill after this last bashing it took. Gotta get back to the KH series again and finish it. Monster Hunter Freedom United for PSP, wayyyyyyy more addicting and fun than I thought or would have given it credit for. Heavy Rain was pretty cool for the most part (unfortunately for me it's kinda that one play through game and I'm done with it, cause I dun care to do the asshole side). I guess not too much else, not really looking forward to anything as of recent except maybe a new horror game to try here or there.

Went to see How to Train Your Dragon and I could not even put into words how much I enjoyed that movie. I see movies like that and think omfg people have potential out there to do things right! Of course that was after the utter disappointment I witnessed beforehand aka the trailer for that shitty Babies movies. My friend Dizzy tried to get me into the Gaurdians of Gahoon? or something and I watched the trailer but I dunno the store seemed kinda boring in a sense. The animation and characters look beautiful but sometimes it's not enough to float me through a whole movie anymore. Btw sorry to all you that like it but Avatard sucked, once again pretty pretty movie with like shitty story. I saw Shutter Island and the Crazies as well but nothing to write home about. Alex reccomended Furry Vengence, but I dunno I like Brenden but this movie seems a bit hokey. Might be worth the rent, 'specially since Amasa has NetFlix.

I dunno I'm healthy and fine. I could do with a workout but I'm at least trying to go for walks everyday with Amasa. I've been cooking a lot more and I am proud to say I have some recipies under my belt now that I can do. I can't tell you how happy I am to be cooking. After years of dating Pardus I was practically shoved out of the kitchen because he never liked what I made (which I should've seen that as a sign, the guy hates everything you make - um..no?). Not much else there I guess, I haven't had any health issues since that last thing I posted.

My grandfather passed away in the beginning of this year. Honestly I was never close to him my entire life and he lived till 84, so I can't really say I feel bad or anything. I think most people if they get to that age without severe health problems, grats! My mother is constantly in mourning for her parents but after a couple years of her mother's death I would've liked to see her move on a little. Unfortunately my mother has 3 other siblings that they now have shared ownership of the parents house. God, it is a nightmare. At first my father would be willing to purchase the house from them at fair market value. He hired out of his own pocket, 2 appraisers to look at the house and such. It is old and needs major revenavations, but my mother liked it how it was sorta thing. Total came out to be about 200,000$. He'd split up the price and pay the other siblings, no problem right? WRONGO they want about 400,000 for it. Did they hire any of their own appraisers or even really say anything to try and work out a deal? Hell no. Do they want to put any money into the house and repair it for sale on the market? Hell no. Did anyone but me realize the basement constantly floods? Hell no. And the only reason I knew was cause I was there during the appraisal shit and things were on racks and shit to keep off the floor. Which ended up my father and I to purchase a sump pump and a ton of hoses to try and clean it up, all by our fucking selves. My father and I have also been paying the gas (which is definitely not cheap, we've been taking care of it for awhile so it has wracked up to over 2k$), electric, and anything else. Now none of the other siblings have and tax time is coming. Foot is coming down on helping out those asshats anymore. Sorry that was a long rant I wanted to get out. XD

As of current I'm not planning on going to AnthroCon. I have Alex wanting me to go and Dizzy kinda too. I dunno I just dun like pittsburgh that much I guess. XD I have been hiding a lot furry fandom wise because of my SL addiction and work. I have been getting some commissions lately though. What I do have is some rooms reserved for MFF, am I absolutely sure I'm going? No, not really. I dun care too much for the hotel they moved too since I miss the old one a lot. But it does have Mitsuwa <3 Other than that I keep trying to keep my eyes peeled for a convention to switch over to or go to. Fursuitting wise I should take more pics and do stuff but most of my things are on my FA if I ever do things. FA is here http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fluttahkitty . I actually got interviewed by someone at Penn U. or whatever in SL for a study on furry and SL sorta thing which was cool. Friendships wise I now use Skype (fluttahkitty is my account) if you want to add me. I only use MSN at work so it's rare I'm ever on that. AIM is a no go anymore. SL I'm always on Serenity Semple is my name. XD Um, email I can be reached at fluttahkitty@gmail.com but yanno I rarely use it. I dunno I'd like to be in more contact and such so if ya wanna message me I'd appreciate it. :3

Oh boy. This is probably the most dramatic section (well maybe save for the one above) of them all. God...where to begin sometimes huh? I broke up with Pardus for awhile, been over a year now I guess or getting close to there. I feel really sad when I look back at our relationship because of how much I got used but didn't want to face it I guess. *Sigh* Damn, just damn. We attempted friendship for awhile, I knew it wasen't going to work because fuck I can NEVER be friends with exs, I dunno why it just always falls apart. I had to badger him to get the rest of his stuff out of the house which took until Feb. of this year. That was kinda it, we had a fight right before he got the rest of his stuff and haven't talked since. I was almost tempted to wish him happy birthday on skype but it feels like I'd be looking for trouble and I'm not. I have a lot of regrets and mixed feelings when it comes to looking back on my actions and such with that relationship, but overall it was not a good one and I got hurt way more than I should have ever let myself. But it's almost been a year since I've been with Amasa. It'll be one year this June 24th. Granted we both can't drive so going out in limited but we have so much fun at home and around our house and area that we don't need to. Not that we're not trying for our liscenses. He moved out here a little late of last year. Not really that much to say I guess. I'm happy, really happy. It's tough to look at someone and think 'Wow, this person has really got my back if I ever need help and I can do the same for them too.' For species for those who don't know, he's a mostly white with some black spots domestic cat, teal eyes, black feathery wings. Haha good match XD I dunno overall I'm speechless sometimes. I hope this lasts for always cause I think I'm getting too old to keep hopping around in relationships.

Well I think that sums up a lot of crap for the past year. XD

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Ohai? [04 Apr 2010|11:01pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Wow I haven't posted since a long dang time. e.e; Um Hi? I dunno what to say right now. XD

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Day of Hospital today Mystery Tomorrow [12 Mar 2009|06:42pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So all yesterday I was stuck in the hospital. I was tossin my cookies about 5-6 times and then decided, yeah doctor time. So had my dad take me there about 4-5am. Got to a doctor about 7amish and got checked. Pretty much had some stomach bug/virus/flu whatever ya wanna call it. Had the whole 2 1/2 bags of IV fluid and teh medicines. Apparently my pulse was super high about in the 130s+ and even when I fell asleep it was lowest at 125-126 which is still really high. They were worried I had blood clots in my chest or something so I had some cat scans and tons of tests. Turned out fine but I'm still sick none and less and slowly getting better. Btw it was never solved why my pulse was so high, they barely wanted to send me home because of it. XD Dunno why but I felt like recording this as one of the various things in life I wanna remember (weird, huh?) And was so miffed I missed work, might miss school tomorrow too. I really dunno if I have the energy for it, going to email my teachers tonight and see about it.

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